Crosstraining is more effective than any traditional fitness training out there. This however, also makes it very challenging. When you start with Crosstraining, we slowly guide you through those challenges, so you can later learn to enjoy the courses

1. You will train in small groups or with a personal coach
2. Every training is professionally guided and tailored to your needs
3. You will train for a short period at a time but it will be intense. Every second counts- there is no time to waist!
4. Your workouts will continuously vary – no tedious workout routines!
5. The training focuses on all aspects of fitness: speed, endurance, power, agility and coordination
6. You will work hard but every time you master a new challenge, you will feel proud and good about yourself
7. You will train in a private and motivating environment
8. You will achieve measurable and lasting results

new !

crosstraining with ems

Bodyfit is the only studio that, for the first time ever, combines Crosstraining with EMS!
Hard...Harder...The hardest:
Crosstraining with EMS !
The mix of Crosstraining and Miha Bodytec is even more effective and time saving for muscle gain, coordination and power